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Although I've written under the pseudonym Anjou for years, that name was already taken when I joined LJ. So, I created this fic journal to house snippets, and works-in-progress of my fanfic. My main journal (comice) is friends-locked, except when I'm writing about fannish things.

My original intention was to continue writing in The X-Files universe, but I have written one very long Veronica Mars fic (Into the Blue, 2006) which can be found here.

In Winter 2008, I'm posted A Winter's Tale, which is a very long mid-S6 X-Files fic. It's a mytharc story. In the fall of 2009, I posted a post-"I Want To Believe" X-Files story called Beating the Darkness Back.

In spring 2009, I'm posting a fanfic based on the series Life called Seven Veils.

I'm also still working on:

Part 4 of The Ghosts Series, Ghosts in the Field. Set in 2010, this story is a crossover with Bones;

an unfinished New Amsterdam story;

two different novels;

and a TV pilot.

Readers should beware: I am, without a doubt, The World's Slowest Writer (tm), but someday I do intend to finish Justice, the last episode of the Speechless Series, which X-Philes have been waiting for forever.

Please comment before you link, and ask before you archive. Thanks a bunch!
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